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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

SERVPRO is the way to go! Everyone is so nice and friendly. They explain the process precisely and walk with you through every step. Highly recommend!

Did an amazing job!

Great informative class. Very easy to follow. Plan to attend more.

Kimberly is very thorough and a delight to work with in any circumstance. She’s knowledgeable which helps in any process.

Kimberly Robb was great! 

I couldn't ask for a better instructor, Kimberly is an amazing teacher. 

Awesome teacher, love these classes. Kimberly and SERVPRO are awesome.  Learned a lot today. 

Excellent job of delivering Ethics course. Kimberly kept the class engaged. 

Excellent Service and fair pricing 

I attended CE training class hosted by Kimberly Robb with SERVPRO. It was on Ethics and I really enjoyed the class. She is very passionate about her role. I learned a lot about SERVPRO. Kimberly is an awesome instructor and I will let others know about CE classes for next year.